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Take action

This project aims to increase awareness of the Equality Act and the ways it can protect disabled people from discrimination in everyday situations. We’ve grouped the Equality Act into three broad topics.

First select the area where you’ve experienced a problem


Then choose the best description of the barrier you’re facing. This will take you through to information about how to positively assert your rights.

Each ‘pathway’ aims to give you enough understanding to take action early, when a problem first arises.

There are links to template complaint letters and videos illustrating how disabled people have campaigned to improve participation and made changes through other legal processes such as injunctive relief.

Click here to view the Injunctive relief video in a new tab.

You can generate a printer friendly version of the information or download it as a PDF or Word document.

By taking action now and asserting your Right to Participate, you can potentially help others as well as yourself.

History shows sometimes one person can make a difference for the many.