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Signing 'right to participate'

The Right to Participate

This website is part of Disability Rights UK’s Right to Participate project, funded by the Legal Education Foundation. The project aims to increase awareness of the Equality Act, especially the ways it can protect disabled people from discrimination in everyday situations.

We encourage everyone to watch and listen to the animation above.

Click here for descriptive transcript

The Take Action section of this website then contains ‘guided pathways’ through three areas; Education, Employment and Out-and-About.  Following the drop-down menus will take you to information on ways to positively assert your rights in each situation.

In the Resources section you can find templates for writing complaint letters and videos showing how disabled people have campaigned to improve participation.

We’re currently developing a forum. You’ll be able to post examples of barriers you’ve faced, connect with others for support and share experiences of using the Equality Act. We’re also interested in other ways to help people understand how to use the law. Please send your ideas to RtP@disabilityrightsuk.org.